Compound OCD155Image: Derek Radisky, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
Image used with permission.

Compound OCD155

A full preclinical efficacy program, including high throughput screening, in-vitro functional screening and in vivo efficacy studies in 2 separate cancer metastasis  mouse models, identified high potential compounds that reverses the EMT process.

The companies’ strategy is to develop a first-in-class molecule that targets the EMT to treat epithelial cancers, including prostate-, breast-, bladder-, pancreas- and lung cancer, demonstrating improved efficacy and safety over currently marketed therapeutics.

Oncodrone has identified compound OCD155 as its most promising lead compound that potently reverses the EMT process, thereby preventing progression of cancer. Compound OCD155 effectively tackles late-stage disease to the benefit of patient. A patent for compound OCD155 and its analogues is pending.

In addition, in collaboration with the Department of Pathology of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam several Androgen Receptor Signaling Inhibitors (ASRIs) were identified. These compounds are subject to further development.